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  • vivo spa WaterFit 2
  • vivo spa WaterFit 2
  • vivo spa WaterFit 2
  • vivo spa WaterFit 2
  • vivo spa WaterFit 2

WaterFit 2

If you are looking for the optimum of swimming and hydromassage, you will have a lot of fun with the vivo spa® WaterFit 2. It combines both worlds brilliantly and offers everything your wellness heart desires in a space-saving way.

Two independently operating systems offer you maximum comfort and flexibility. You want it sporty? Then the "fitness area" offers you a perfect counter-current for swimming, aqua fitness and exercise with relaxed to moderate intensity. Three wide RiverStream PRO counter-current systems with MP Swim technology and LED lighting guarantee optimal water flow. The strengths of the counter-currents can be infinitely adjusted using a controller.

Experience pure relaxation and massage in the spacious Swim Spa. Relaxation and activation has never been so easy! 


All about the technology


With the WaterFit 2 Swim Spa from vivo spa® you can enjoy fitness and relaxation in a private environment (in the garden in the fresh air or as an indoor Swim Spa) - alone or with the people you like best. Premium Swim Spas from the Whirlpool Center not only offer bubbling water and simple counter-current technology. The WaterFit 2 guarantees a perfect swimming experience and soothing massage for your entire body in two separate areas. Relax or swim in warm water under the open sky. With a swimming pool your wellness dream becomes a daily reality. With the WaterFit 2 you can experience all the advantages that a Swim Spa has over a swimming pool: Available around the clock (water stays in the pool for 3-12 months, special filter systems keep the water clear and clean), innovative insulation techniques ensure relatively low power consumption, exclusive technological and shaping materials, long life.

All about the operation

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Intuitive and individual - a wide range of adjustment options allow you to enjoy a Swim Spa that is tailored to your personal needs. Connect and control your vivo spa® via WiFi and a dedicated application for Android and iOS systems. Choose from a variety of massage options, water care programs, LED light programs, energy saving modes and reminder options. We trust in the excellent quality and the joint development with Balboa Water Group. The symbol-controlled control element vivo spa® Touch by Balboa ensures modern handling and enables you to enjoy a perfectly controllable Swim Spa and whirlpool experience. The vivo spa® Touch is used in WaterFit 2 as standard in both areas. Enjoy the various setting and control options with our innovative and state-of-the-art software programs.


All about the Water Management

Water maintenance at an average temperature between 26 and 38 degrees is a sensitive issue: For this reason all vivo spa® Swim Spas of the WaterFit series work with a durable, energy-saving "Quiet-Flow" circulation pump. In combination with the Ozone PRO disinfection system and the Hygiene+ program, the system disinfects itself completely by itself in fully automated cleaning cycles. The integrated disinfection program ensures 99.9% germ-free and clear water. The multi-stage filter and water management system WaterVILT PRO keeps your Swim Spa bacteria-free. Only a small amount of additional water care products is required - you do not need to add any chlorine. The effort for water maintenance is thus reduced to a minimum. This means: Less worries and more time for relaxation!

All about the insulation

With eco PRO, vivo spa® has realized a holistic concept for carefree Swim Spa enjoyment. The coordinated components operate in an energy and resource-saving way - in harmony and economy. The decision for a vivo spa® Swim Spa is a decision for a sustainable product. The innovative insulation process IsoTec PRO and the perfect water management WaterVILT PRO keep energy consumption and the use of water care products as low as possible. To keep energy costs as low as possible, all models of the WaterFit series are equipped with the IsoTec PRO system. The combination of high quality insulation solutions in the outer cladding, the acrylic tub as well as the underfloor tub guarantee an optimal heat storage and therefore lower operating costs for the heating of your vivo spa® Swim Spa. With the vivo spa® Premium Package you will receive an insulating thermal cover for each model as standard, which closes the Swim Spa optimally and offers additional protection against external influences. IsoTec PRO provides an effective heat storage. Whether in winter or in summer - your Swim Spa is optimally insulated and protected.


Dimensions and technical data

Dimensions: 580 x 238 x 138 cm
Net weight: 1.480 kg
Water Capacity: 10.000 l
Jets: 60
Isolation: IsoTec PRO
Acrylic: Aristech Acrylics® Bio-Lok®
Control & heat system: Spa Control PRO
Heater: 2 x 3 KW
Current system & Massage pump: 3 x 3 PS Current / 2 x 3 PS Massage
Water Management: WaterVilt with Ozone PRO
Circulation Pump: Quiet-Flow 2 x 0,35 PS
Waterfall / Arom: Yes / Yes (AirBlow Pro 12 x DrivePro Air Jets
Stainless stell frame: Yes
Electricity: 2 x 380 V - 3x16A

Few things are as fascinating as the interaction of light and water. Pleasant colors give your vivo spa® Swim Spa a special mood and create a cosy atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable. You can choose from different light modes. Whether as a single color or continuously merging colors: the vivo spa® color light therapy brings sensual harmony, the right mood and your Swim Spa is guaranteed to shine!







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