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vivo spa® WaterFit Swim Spas – moved & relaxed

Finding a balance between exercise and relaxation is often a challenge in everyday life. Therefore it is essential for our well-being to create a healthy balance here. No matter what you’re looking for – whether swimming a few laps, doing an aqua-fitness-program, or just relaxing in a calm environment – our WaterFit swim spas offer you just what you need. Directly at your home – comfortable and uncomplicated!

Enjoy a wide water flow, infinitely variable and height-adjustable: the RiverStream PRO countercurrent is everything but standard. Nevertheless, the counter-current system with LED lighting is standard in all vivo spa® Swim Spas of the WaterFit series.


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Swim whenever you want!

Swimming is good for your well-being – and that´s what our WaterFit swim spas are all about. Your physical wellness is our top priority. You can either push your boundaries when doing the crawl or take it easy and do some gentle swimming. Whatever you prefer – you decide what you like best. Our StreamJets PRO are infinitely variable and individually usable to ensure that you can use them fl exibly adapted to your personal needs. We wish you a lot of joy while swimming!


Effective, gentle on the joints, diverse!

Anyone who has ever completed an aqua-fitness- program knows how effective and beneficial it can be. It is also a perfect alternative to swimming. Already the natural resistance of the water has a pleasant workout effect. If that’s not enough it is also possible to do training by using the integrated counterflow with various different setting options. Create your own aqua-fitness-program and train your joints, muscles, connective tissues as well as your body posture. Our WaterFit models make it possible!


Socializing - with friends and family!

For “the beach holiday in between”: the WaterFit swim spa is an absolute highlight for families with children. Your kids can swim, play, dive and enjoy water games to their heart´s desire – there are no limits to creativity! Your little ones can playfully and safely learn how to swim and get used to the water with lots of fun and joy.

Fitness & pure relaxation!

Diverse functions & unique enjoyment

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Technology & practicing

Effective training: Water fitness affects the entire body, is gentle on the joints and increases the training effect in addition to the increased water resistance. Enjoy a variety of effective exercise opportunities in your own home. With a vivo spa® you train at a high level.

Aquatraining opportunities:

✔ jog against a slight whirl
✔ water noodles
✔ training lands
✔ joint-sparing dumbbell workout
✔ foot and hand weights
✔ Ergometer
and much more

Hydrotherapy on click

Integrated massages help you to relax. The massage masses gently release tensions and thus have a balancing effect on the body and reduce stress on the mind. The ergonomic arrangement has a targeted and effective effect on individual body parts and muscle groups. Perfect as a preparation for your swim training or as a finale after an intense workout.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:
✔ Has Relaxing and Balancing
✔ Relaxations
✔ relaxes tendons
✔ improves blood circulation
✔ stimulates blood circulation
✔ reduces discomfort and fatigue
and much more

Ecology & efficiency

Efficient and conscious use of energy is a crucial factor in keeping the running costs of a swim spa at a minimum. vivo spa® has optimized its products so that they can be used all over the world. Even at low temperatures, you will not have to do without your swim training in a WaterFit Swim Spa. The operating costs are kept as low as possible. This is made possible by the optimization of the insulation, heating and pump systems.

Energy efficiency at a high level:
✔ High insulation values
✔ Isolation insulation
✔ Performance Optimized Heating Systems
✔ Energy Efficient Pumping System

Best quality

With a WaterFit Swim Spa, you can be sure you're getting a long-lasting quality product. And not only that: The developments are characterized by advanced and innovative solutions. This has a positive effect on the longevity as well as on the performance. Isolation, filter performance and heating systems are excellently developed and implemented.


✔ long-lasting Swim Spa experience
✔ advanced filter system
✔ additional ozone system
✔ excellent insulation
✔ very good noise insulation
✔ environmentally friendly materials
✔ fiberglass floor pan
✔ high quality piping systems

Energy & Water Management

The efficient and conscious use of energy is a crucial factor to keep the running costs of a swim spa as low as possible. vivo spa® has optimized its products so that they can be used all year round. Even at low temperatures, you do not have to do without your swim training in a WaterFit Swim Spa. The operating costs are kept as low as possible. This is made possible by the optimization of the insulation, heating and pump systems. The ecoVilt PRO filtration system guarantees excellent water treatment. Microorganisms, heavy metals and bacteria are thus easily eliminated. Thus, the necessary water additives can be reduced to a minimum - our environment and your purse for love!

Easy maintenance

vivo spa® is committed to keeping the cost of maintaining your swim spas as low as possible. Apart from the cleaning of the piping system, the simple replacement of the filters and the replacement of the ozonator, your product is maintenance-free. You want an individual maintenance order? Talk to us and get the full service and customer service for your product!

Easy Maintenance Benefits:

✔ straightforward water management
✔ easy replacement
✔ custom maintenance & support
✔ cost savings

Your fitness and health benefits

✔ High calorie consumption during and after a workout
✔ Slightly relieve stress and tension, recharge your batteries
✔ Make joint training, use the buoyancy of the water
✔ Experience training safely and without injury
✔ intensive training effect due to water resistance
✔ use the massage effect of the water
✔ train all the time & independent of the outdoor temperatures

Product overview

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